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Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004 - 12:58 p.m.

~ taking a hit ~

I was hit on.

So, yes, I've been hit on before, so, no, it isn't earth-shattering that I was hit on at all.

But this time, I realized I was being hit on from. the. very. beginning. of. the. hit!

THIS is the big deal. I've gotten razzed for years by friends who are amused that I mistake flirting-with-intent for flirting-without-intent (my own speciality) or for friendliness or for just idle chitchatty boredom. I've actually had to doublecheck with people who I've been told are flirting for real with me to see if they are, well, for real. I've missed hooking-up opportunities (which is fiiiine!) due to my oblivious-ness.

So, when one of the women from my BDSM women's group dropped a few hints, I surprised myself by collecting said dropped hints before they hit the ground. And it didn't even take much for me to catch on!

She shot me an e-mail, thanking me for something I had done at a meeting. I thought it was rather polite of her.

The next e-mail thanked me for something else and mentioned that she was sure I was a very sadistic Top.

Ding ding ding.

The next three e-mails/interactions were easy to file under "Flirtation". By the time she worked up her nerve to shyly tell me that she'd be open to playing with me, I was ready for my Validation Victory Dance complete with touchdown knees and jazz hands. Yes! I had seen this one coming and I had been right! She WAS flirting with me!

The only stinky thing about all of this is that despite being flattered and mildly interested (only mildly because she is more "girl" than I've been looking for and is new to pain, as far as I know, and I tend to lean toward experienced painsluts), I just do not have time to play with anybody right now. So, I had to tell her this - trying hard to be polite so as not to discourage her from attempts with other people.

But the high from the hit remains!

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